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Playground markings are a brilliant addition to any playground area.

At PlayQuest we offer an extensive range of thermo-plastc markings that will provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for every user.

From Educational markings that offer the user an additional opportunity to learn whilst having fun - to Fitness markings that will assist the user’s balance, coordination and agility - through to Sports Pitch markings that encourage the building of both social skilla and fitness via team sports.

The advantages of choosing thermo-plastic markings over traditionalpainted versions are:

1) They are easily installed with only the minimum of disruption to the playarea.

2) The colours are more vibrant than the painted equivalents.

3) The thermo-plastic has a much longer life-expectancy than that of paint.

4) A wide choice of colours are available - so you can choose your own.

As well as the small selection of ‘standard’ markings shown in this section, we can offer bespoke markings such as a school logo; ‘cyclists dismount’ logo or even a bespoke re-marking over old/faded markings.

Remember - if you do not see the marking that you require within this section, please contact us and we will be happy to supply you with a price for this marking if we can offer it.

School Playground Markings Services in the UK

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