3D Rubber Animals Adventure Playground Equipment

3D Rubber Animals | PlayQuest

Children love to use their imagination and create their own adventures while they play.

Our range of 3D rubber animals and shapes delivers an exciting new playground experience.

Not only does it enhance the look and feel of a facility but also creates a greater sense of adventure to feed children’s imagination and make play even more fun!

Made with bright, bold colours, all items comply with the European Safety Standard EN1176 and all are covered with a high quality rubber surface.

All products are made 100% in the European Union.

The new Mini Range is made up of 10 of the favourites from the Classic range and are 25% smaller in size, making them ideal for smaller children or where space is limited.

Play Value
All elements of the 3D range have been carefully designed to appeal to children - encouraging them to move, interact, imagine and have fun.

Each animal and shape is covered with a soft and very durable rubber surface.

Every figure is not only aesthetically pleasing but also mechanically strong - offering both play, seating and meeting opportunities.

Each element is made in Europe from high quality rubber granules.

Most of the animals and shapes can be installed on a great variety of surfaces.

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