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The Aerial Runway (aka, Cableway, Skyway, Zip Line, Zip Wire, Rope Slide, Death Slide!)

The basic concept is simple: a pulley suspended on a cable usually mounted on an incline.

We offer the Heavy Duty Commercial Aerial Runway from 20m as standard and up to 50m

Our Aerial Runways are extremely popular adventure playground equipment. Wherever an Aerial Runway is installed there's always a queue of kids waiting to have a go! So quite often we have installed 2 side-by-side allowing the kids to race with each other from one end to the other.

Where there is insufficient incline we have built a mound or platforms at the "take-off" end, so these cableways can be built on flat ground too.

We have Timber Aerial Runways available and now a new Steel version is also available.

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