Crazy Poles +

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Crazy Poles +

Introducing our Crazy Poles range - a fantastic combination of Scrambling, Climbing, Balancing and Upper-Body Strength equipment into one central-feature unit.

The Crazy Poles + is similar to the Crazy Poles - with the addition of the Slide Bars.

This item is great for Schools as well as Open Parks, Caravan Parks, etc - as it is suitable for users from 7 years of age up to adults.

Ideal as the main centre-piece of your play area, the Crazy Poles + will provide hours of fun and exercise for all.

Features of the Crazy Poles + include:

  • Scramble Net Climb (Steel Reinforced Rope).
  • Russian Rings.
  • Chain Traverse.
  • Rotating Log Walk.
  • Log Climb.
  • Several Balance Beams.
  • Stainless Steel Ring Climb.
  • Steel Slide Bars.
  • Chain & Pole Traverse.

Please note that due to the Critical Fall Height of this item, a suitable safer surfacing other than grass will be required.

The Crazy Poles + can be made out of timberThe Crazy Poles + is suitable playground equipment for schools

Age Range: 7 to Adult

Item Size: 16m x 7m;

Overall Area Required: 19m x 10m

Critical Fall Height: 2.2 m

Amount of Surfacing Required:

Loose fill: 57m3

Synthetic: 190m2

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