Traversing Poles

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Traversing Poles

Our new Traversing Poles are a great addition to any new/existing play area - as they offer a different type of traversing challenge.

The idea is that the user starts at one post - and then they traverse in any direction around the posts - this can be around the exterior posts - or across the posts using the larger diameter centre post.

The Traversing Posts includes 8 posts at 150mm diameter and 1 centre post at 200mm diameter. The centre post has 4 sets of hand & foot grips - and the exterior posts have either 1 or 2 sets of hand & foot grips.

The posts can be spaced out onsite to suit the age/height of the proposed users - to make the challenger easier/harder to complete.

This item does not require any safer surfacing when installed onto grass.

The Traversing Poles can be made out of timberThe Traversing Poles is suitable playground equipment for schoolsTraversing Poles is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 7 to Adult

Item Size: 1.8m x 1.8m;

Overall Area Required: 4m x 4m

Critical Fall Height: 400 m

Amount of Surfacing Required:

Loose fill: 4.8m3

Synthetic: 16m2

The Traversing Poles is safe on grass. The Traversing Poles can safely be installed on grass

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