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Exciting adventure playground equipment from PlayQuest

Fun Trail items are brilliant at assisting in the development of the users co-ordination, balance and agility. From easy to navigate items such as the Balance Beam to the harder items to negotiate such as the Traverse Wall, fun trails provide countless hours of stimulating fun and activities for users of all ages.

Fun trail items can be combined to make a unique, exciting adventure trail for both children and adults. In most instances, the objective of a trim-trail is for the user to progress from one item to the next in a circuit or trail, mainly without touching the ground. The user will quickly identify this objective, rise to this challenge, and take on the trim trail with a sense of adventure which sparks their imaginations as they play!

Check out our Fun Trail Packages and Fitness Trail Items which are often combined with Fun Trail Items to make more challenging trails, particularly for older children.

Since we started over 20 years ago, we have installed countless numbers of adventure trails - small to large - in schools, caravan parks, open parks, public houses, etc. All have proved to be very popular with the people using them.

Quite often, most of our standard trim trails can be installed in just one or two days, which means minimal disruption to the play area.

Please note that if you wish to maximise the use of your trim trail equipment all year round, it would be advisable to install some playground surfacing around the trail equipment.

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