Primary School Gym

Primary School Gym

Our most popular package, the Primary School Gym Package is designed to encourage younger children to enjoy exercise.

It's ideal for play time or a structured PE class and set out as a trim trail or gym package.

Includes: Air Skier, Double Air Walker, Tai Chi Spinner and The Rider.

All these items will by 'Children's Versions' of the adult equipment, for use by Primary School pupils - Key Stage 2 only (7-11).

Approximately 24sq/m of wear surfacing will be needed for these items if a wear surface is required - 6sq/m per item.

This package includes the 7 Fixing Posts required.

Optional Extra - 2 x 1.8m Recycled Plastic Balance Beams - £400.00 + Vat.

Several very good reasons to install outdoor gym equipment within your school are:

Helps to encourage health and fitness in a safe environment.
Provides a fitness facility at low cost.
Creates an additional outdoor classroom.
Very popular during break time.
Meets OFSTED requirements to make good use of land.
Provides a training facility for teams and sports clubs.
Helps make exercise fun.
Introduces children to gym style exercise.
Encourages social interaction between users.
Represents excellent value for money, high benefits at low cost, within a limited ne

Note - this package includes items that contain moveable/wearing parts (limiters/governors) that are only guaranteed for 12 months after installation - based on normal wear & tear.

The Primary School Gym can be made out of steelThe Primary School Gym is suitable playground equipment for schoolsPrimary School Gym is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 7 to 11

Item Size: 3m x 3m each item.;

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We have had one of your fun trail packages for approx twenty years and it has been a great success and benefit to our camping park. In this period of time we have needed no repairs to the equipment, and the children love it, many thanks to PlayQuest.

David Harvey

Beaper Farm Camping Park

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