Recreation & Leisure Pack

Recreation & Leisure Package
This is our most comprehensive package with a full range of equipment for all ages and abilities - from children through to pensioners.

It creates a comprehensive facility that allows for a full work-out either by individuals or as part of an instructor-led class.

This package includes: Arm & Pedal Bike; Air Skier; Double Air Walker; Double Cross-Country Skier; Double Rower; Double Sit-up Boards; Pull Down Challenger; Push Up & Dip Station; Seated Chest Press; SeatedLeg Press; Strength Trainer; Tai Chi Spinners and Twist & Stepper.

This package includes the 27 Fixing Posts required.

Note - this package includes items that contain moveable/wearing parts (limiters/governors) that are only guaranteed for 12 months after installation - based on normal wear & tear.

The Recreation & Leisure Pack can be made out of steelThe Recreation & Leisure Pack is suitable playground equipment for schoolsRecreation & Leisure Pack is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 14 + Adult

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