Secondary School Gym

Secondary School Gym

Te items within this package have been chosen to be used as a break time play and exercise facility, or to enable schools to create an outdoor classroom for a PE class.

As most of these items can be used by 2 people at the same time, this package also allows for interaction and socialising between the users.

Great also as a fitness park installation.

Includes: Arm & Pedal Bike; Chin-up bars; Double Air Walker; Double Cross-Country Skier; Pull Down Challenger; Seated Chest Press; Seated Leg Press; Strength Trainer and The Rider.

This package includes the 19 Fixing Posts required.

The Chin-Ups will require a safer surfacing underneath (28sq/m) - 7m x 4m.

Approximately 166sq/m of wear surfacing will be needed for these items if a wear surface is required.

Note - this package includes items that contain moveable/wearing parts (limiters/governors) that are only guaranteed for 12 months after installation - based on normal wear & tear.

The Secondary School Gym can be made out of steelThe Secondary School Gym is suitable playground equipment for schoolsSecondary School Gym is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 14 + Adult

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We and the staff have only come across sheer delight from the children and compliments from the parents about the play frame, and it was well worth getting to school early. Just to hear all the gasps from the children when they first saw it! It has been a totally successful addition to the playground.

Mrs Shirley Stevens

Friends of Yardley Gobian Primary School Northamptonshire

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