Secondary School Gym

Secondary School Gym

Te items within this package have been chosen to be used as a break time play and exercise facility, or to enable schools to create an outdoor classroom for a PE class.

As most of these items can be used by 2 people at the same time, this package also allows for interaction and socialising between the users.

Great also as a fitness park installation.

Includes: Arm & Pedal Bike; Chin-up bars; Double Air Walker; Double Cross-Country Skier; Pull Down Challenger; Seated Chest Press; Seated Leg Press; Strength Trainer and The Rider.

This package includes the 19 Fixing Posts required.

The Chin-Ups will require a safer surfacing underneath (28sq/m) - 7m x 4m.

Approximately 166sq/m of wear surfacing will be needed for these items if a wear surface is required.

Note - this package includes items that contain moveable/wearing parts (limiters/governors) that are only guaranteed for 12 months after installation - based on normal wear & tear.

The Secondary School Gym can be made out of steelThe Secondary School Gym is suitable playground equipment for schoolsSecondary School Gym is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 14 + Adult

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