Starter Gym Package

Starter Gym Package
This package is great for those parish councils, hotels, caravan parks, etc who are on a limited budget, or are not sure how people will take to this type of equipment.

Whatever the application, these four units are suitable for all users and perfect for building upon in the future.

The Starter Package provides a mixture of cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength workout - along with a social aspect too.

Great as a fitness park or trim trail installation.

Includes: Air Skier; Hip Twister; Push Up & Dip Station; and The Rider.

This package includes the 8 Fixing Posts required.

Approximately 36sq/m of wear surfacing will be needed for these items if a wear surface is required.

Note - this package includes items that contain moveable/wearing parts (limiters/governors) that are only guaranteed for 12 months after installation - based on normal wear & tear.

The Starter Gym Package can be made out of steelThe Starter Gym Package is suitable playground equipment for schoolsStarter Gym Package is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 14 + Adult

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