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Outdoor Exercise Gym Equipment

The Product
Create an Outdoor Gym or Outdoor Fitness Area with this range of professionally designed exercise equipment developed specifically for the outdoors, making them accessible to all.
The design makes it safe to use with resistance being provided by the user’s own body weight.
All equipment is designed to aid the development of and benefits to one or more of the following areas;

  • Strength – Helps to build and tone muscle.
  • Cardiovascular – Helps to strengthen the heart and improve heart lung efficiency.
  • Flexibility – Stretches muscles, tendons and ligaments and/or increases the range of movement.
  • Balance & Co-ordination – Improves reflexes and mind/body interaction.

The Places

The equipment is suited to a wide variety of locations and in fact any open space to be used by anyone with the time to spare.
Many pieces of equipment have already been installed at; Public Playgrounds, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Recreation Areas, Holiday Parks, Business Parks, Community Areas, Hotels, Motorway Services, Golf Courses, Cruise Ships, Military Bases and more!

The People
This equipment is suitable and accessible to all from teenagers to the elderly and from beginners to the serious athlete.

It is attractive and fun to use so at last everyone can now enjoy the benefits of being outdoors and exercising whilst having fun!

Users do not need induction lessons for this equipment as the items are designed so that the users always work within their individual limits. Each piece has it's own instruction panel and caution notice.

A range of equipment specifically for Children is also available - the item description will confirm if a Children's version of that piece is available.


The Benefits
Free to use - Accessible to all - Health & Wellbeing - Promotes physical exercise - Low maintenance - Low carbon footprint - Promotes social engagement - Grants available - Vandal resistant construction


See videos of this equipment in action

Please note - Our range of outdoor gym products is constantly being re-developed and improved. For this reason the actual product design may vary from that shown in the catalogue or on the website.

Equipment Conformancy

Our outdoor gym equipment conforms to the new European Standard EN16630 and also to EN1176.

Equipment is produced under ISO9001 for quality standards and management, and under ISO4001 for environmental protection.

Equipment Warranties

We can offer the following improved guarantees on the outdoor gym equipment:

25-Year Guarantee on the main structural parts.

5-Year Guarantee on paintwork*.

1-Year Guarantee on the accessories, bearings, plastic & moving parts.

* This 5-Year Guarantee is subject to the surfaces being regularly cleaned and maintained with the use of the touch-up paints provided in the maintenance packs - to make good any damage caused after installation. Minor scratches and external surface damage is excluded.

Guarantees do not include damage caused from fair wear & tear, nor from vandalism. Parts that are likely to suffer through normal use will need to have replacements supplied via Fresh Air Fitness.

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