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Thermoplastic Playground Markings - Sports

Markings for Sports Courts and Pitches including;

  • Football Markings
  • Tennis Marking
  • Netball Markings
  • Basketball Markings
  • Multi-Court Markings
  • Cricket Markings
  • Markings for Cage Sports

Most standard sizes are 30m x 15m but we can offer bespoke sizes to suit your individual requirements.

There are a wide range of colours available too, and you can mix colours within a court marking as well.


''I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your help with everything regards to the Trim Trail, my son came home and said "that trim trail is ace, well good !" so that's a big thumbs up from me and him, it looks great, thank you. Once again thank you Carl for coming down to see us at St Andrew's School, helpful telephone conversations and e-mails, hope in the near future to be seeing you soon with more playground plans, take care, regards Emma

St. Andrews Primary School, Bolton

Mrs Emma Lowe - PTA

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