Carpet and Synthetic grass Playground Surfacing

Carpet and Synthetic grass | PlayQuest

Often referred to as synthetic grass, artificial grass, artificial turf, fake grass or plastic grass, this Impact absorbing and playground surface will go anywhere you want it to go – over existing concrete, grass or bare ground, on flat surfaces or over irregular mounds or slopes.

We supply and install synthetic grass and safety flooring for kids play areas, nurseries and junior schools all over the UK, not only as a safer surface, but also as all weather pitches, lawns, putting greens and other applications where an artificial surface that is as good as grass is preferred.

The playground surface offers durability and vandal-resistance and requires minimal maintenance as it is a “no mow” product, over its long lifetime.


We and the staff have only come across sheer delight from the children and compliments from the parents about the play frame, and it was well worth getting to school early. Just to hear all the gasps from the children when they first saw it! It has been a totally successful addition to the playground.

Mrs Shirley Stevens

Friends of Yardley Gobian Primary School Northamptonshire

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