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PlayBond - Blended EcoScape® rubber mulch; combined with a polyurethane binder; mixed and installed onsite to provide a more attractive and cheaper option than some 'traditional' synthetic surface options. PlayBond follows the contours of the land to keep the 'natural' look.

The numerous to having PlayBond installed are:

Cost Effective To Install:

·           In many cases, there is no need for a specialist sub-base.*

·           Mostly single layer coverage.

·           Cures in the same day as installation.

(*Consideration should be given to the drainage capability and levels of the proposed surface on which the SoftBond® will be laid and when appropriate a shallow sand or clean stone raft or drains should be installed if required, to aid the fast draining capability of the SoftBond® product; in particular if the surface is to be recessed into the ground).

Problem Areas Solved:

·           Small areas that were previously considered uneconomical to attend.

·           Areas where digging foundations are a problem e.g. around tree roots.

Satisfies Environmental Demands:

·           Manufactured from 100% recycled rubber mulch - using shredded forklift tyres.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

·           Natural looking product, ideal for open parks, golf courses, woodland areas, etc.

·           A variety of colours can be mixed together to create a surface that blends into the surrounding landscape.

Please visit our Downloads section to download the extended aftercare information for PlayBond surfacing.


''I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your help with everything regards to the Trim Trail, my son came home and said "that trim trail is ace, well good !" so that's a big thumbs up from me and him, it looks great, thank you. Once again thank you Carl for coming down to see us at St Andrew's School, helpful telephone conversations and e-mails, hope in the near future to be seeing you soon with more playground plans, take care, regards Emma

St. Andrews Primary School, Bolton

Mrs Emma Lowe - PTA

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