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With the snake-like central column this is a really great small play package. The platform is big enough to take two people, and is very low to the ground - making it safe and giving easy access to all.

By grabbing the central column, you twist yourself round it whilst remaining balanced on the platform. This spins you very close to the centre, giving an impression of speed and "G" force. It's simple but very effective.

Challenging and physically demanding, the Whizzer can be used by one or a pair of young people, and is great for physical development and motor skills.

The Whizzer can be made out of steelThe Whizzer is suitable playground equipment for schoolsWhizzer is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 7 to Adult

Item Size: 0.5m x 0.5m;

Overall Area Required: 4m x 4m

Critical Fall Height: 0.3 m

Amount of Surfacing Required:

Loose fill: 4.8m3

Synthetic: 16m2

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