'Choo Choo' Train & Slide

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adventure playground equipment.

'Choo Choo' Train & Slide

All aboard this fantastic piece of play equipment, which has be designed to stimulate the user's imagination.

Includes one 'engine' and 2 'carriages' which children can sit in and read; chat or play with their friends.

The 'Choo Choo' is suitable for both the school environment to encourage interaction, and in open play areas as a feature where young children can play individually or as a group.

Available with or without the slide.

Can be manufactured from either timber or recycled plastic.

The 'Choo Choo' Train & Slide can be made out of enviromentally friendly recycled plasticThe 'Choo Choo' Train & Slide can be made out of timberThe 'Choo Choo' Train & Slide is suitable playground equipment for schools'Choo Choo' Train & Slide is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 3 to 11

Item Size: 6.4m x 1.2m;

Overall Area Required: 8m x 3m

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