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The Shanty +

Introducing our new range of Shanty Playhouses.

Suitable for use by several children together, the Shanty Playhouses consist of 2 platforms at different heights, with several different play elements, combined with 'shanty'-style roofs.

Because this item can be used by numerous people at the same time, this will encourage socialising, interaction and imaginative play.

The Shanty + is the same in design as the Shanty (ref: 1251) but comes with an additional roof.

Features of the Shanty + include:

  • Heavy-duty fibreglass slide (can be upgraded to a stainless steel slide).
  • Approach Ramp & Pull-Up Rope.
  • Scramble Net (steel reinforced rope).
  • Climb Wall.
  • Fireman's Pole.
  • Ladder Climb with Stainless Steel Bars.
  • 2 Shanty-style Roofs.
  • Standard Platform Heights of 1m and 1.2m.

Additional features can be added to this unit, including ramps, interactive game panels, nets, additional slides, almost anything (within reason!).

This item can be manufactured from either timber or recycled plastic.

Installing ‘travel mats’ at entry and exit points to this equipment will help prevent ground erosion, enabling children to play all year round.

The Shanty + can be made out of enviromentally friendly recycled plasticThe Shanty + can be made out of timberThe Shanty + is suitable playground equipment for schools

Age Range: 5 to 11

Item Size: 4m x 3m;

Overall Area Required: 7m x 6m

Critical Fall Height: 1.2 m

Amount of Surfacing Required:

Loose fill: 12.6m3

Synthetic: 42m2

The Shanty + is safe on grass. The Shanty + can safely be installed on grass

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