Travel Mat Playground Surfacing

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Travel Mat Safer Surfacing

British Standard Tested, Impact Absorbing Surfacing that keeps the natural look of your grassed areas
Ideal for Play Areas, Walkways, Embankments, Golf Courses & Gardens

  • Available in 22mm and 16mm thickness and 12mm interlocking
  • Critical Fall Height of over 2.5m, tested by RAPRA to BS EN 1177 (22mm)
  • An environmentally friendly, impact absorbing safety surface
  • Moulded non-slip cellular structure with excellent durability and comfort
  • Requires no special skills or tools allowing a quick and easy installation
  • No costly base works (as required for conventional tiles or wet-pour)
  • Ideal for green field sites, disappears from view once turf has re-grown
  • Suitable for all weather, extreme temperatures and resists wind uplift
  • Can be used on flat or contoured landscapes
  • Large openings of 2.5cm diameter allow liquid and debris to drain, keeping surface dry and clean
  • Absorbs shock and noise
  • Protects floor and equipment

Just the thing for nursery’s and schools looking to use grassed areas all year round!


We and the staff have only come across sheer delight from the children and compliments from the parents about the play frame, and it was well worth getting to school early. Just to hear all the gasps from the children when they first saw it! It has been a totally successful addition to the playground.

Mrs Shirley Stevens

Friends of Yardley Gobian Primary School Northamptonshire

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