8-Point Compass

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8-Point Compass

The 8-Point Compass is approximately 3m in diameter and is brilliant at introducing children to geography by means of fun.

Standard Size - 3m x 3m.

Bespoke sizes are available on request.

Playground Marking Service Pre-formed, Thermoplastic markings

The 8-Point Compass is suitable playground equipment for schools8-Point Compass is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 3 to 11

Item Size: 3m diameter;

Overall Area Required: 3m x 3m

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We have had one of your fun trail packages for approx twenty years and it has been a great success and benefit to our camping park. In this period of time we have needed no repairs to the equipment, and the children love it, many thanks to PlayQuest.

David Harvey

Beaper Farm Camping Park

8-Point Compass | Playground Markings

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