Fun Trail 1

Fun Trail 1

With several more items than the budget trails, the Fun Trails are an affordable adventure trail with the individual pieces of equipment being linked together to form a trail or circuit.

The individual items can be installed in any sequence to make them suitable for practically any site. The objective is for user to progress from one item to the next in the circuit or trail, without touching the ground. The children quickly identify the challenge being offered here, and will happily rise to meet this challenge.

The Fun Trail 1 includes:

  • Swinging Log Steps Traverse.
  • Tyre Traverse.
  • 4 x Balance Beams.
  • Net Bridge.
  • Clatterbridge.
  • Burmese Bridge.
  • Chain & Pole Traverse.
  • 20 x Stepping Logs.

No additional safer surfacing is required when installed onto an existing suitable grass surface.

However installing Travel Mats at entry and exit points will help to prevent ground erosion, enabling children to play all year round.

The Fun Trails can be manufactured from timber or recycled plastic.

The Fun Trail 1 can be made out of enviromentally friendly recycled plasticThe Fun Trail 1 can be made out of timberThe Fun Trail 1 is suitable playground equipment for schoolsFun Trail 1 is inclusive play playground equipment

Age Range: 3 to 11

Item Size: 11.9 x 8.2;

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