''I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your help with everything regards to the Trim Trail, my son came home and said "that trim trail is ace, well good !" so that's a big thumbs up from me and him, it looks great, thank you. Once again thank you Carl for coming down to see us at St Andrew's School, helpful telephone conversations and e-mails, hope in the near future to be seeing you soon with more playground plans, take care, regards Emma

St. Andrews Primary School, Bolton

Mrs Emma Lowe - PTA

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    Quotation & Design

    plan of the current space for playground with the current surrounding enviroment

    We offer the complete quotation and design service.

    From either our initial site visit, or your information, a scale plan is drawn up of the area, showing the details of the surroundings and the space for the equipment.

    This plan need only be simple in form, but accurately details all the information required to put together a design for your playarea. (see right)

    Then we discuss with you your requirements, including the age of the children who are to use the equipment, your budget, any surfacing requirements, and any other information such as the type of equipment you would like, and what materials you want the equipment to be manufactured from, (Timber or Recycled Plastic.)

    PlayQuestcan provide a simple to understand quotation and design service A more detailed plan of the design for your play area!

    Then, based on the information we have gathered, we can put together a simple plan.

    This plan shows the size of the area and the proposed equipment. (see left)

    This plan may need to be amended to suit your ideas. Normally, however, we can design a plan to suit your play area first time.

    Upon approval of the design, and at your request, we can then produce for you a detailed drawing, with plan. This plan gives others a better idea of what the play area could look like, which especially useful when fundraising (see below). Upon approval and completion of contract, a date is set for the play area to be installed. Within 2 to 6 weeks, a team of highly qualified installers will come and fit your playground!

    finished playarea! made from heavy duty recycled plastic
    PlayQuest playground designs can be tailored to suit anything from the smallest to the largest
    school playgrounds

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