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Outdoor Fitness activities for all ages!

Designed to be more challenging that Fun Trail items, our Fitness range is excellent at assisting in the development of the user's upper-body strength, co-ordination, as well as providing cardiovascular exercise. From easy to navigate items such as the Fun Run to the harder items to negotiate such as the Overhead Ladder Cross, our Fitness items provide countless hours of stimulating fun and exercise.

The Fitness items can be combined to make a unique, exciting fitness trail or circuit for older children, teenagers and adults. For most items in this range, a safer surface other than grass will be required, due to the Critical Fall Heights of the equipment.

Since we started over 20 years ago, we have installed these items (either individually or as fitness trails) on numerous occasions in schools, caravan parks, open parks, public houses, etc. All have proved to be very popular with the people using them.

Quite often, most of these items can be installed in just one or two days, which means minimal disruption to the play area.

Fitness trail items can be installed individually or in any configuration, making it suitable for practically any site. These fitness trail items are designed to test the levels of physical ability, strength, agility, co-ordination and overall stamina. They are commonly combined with Fun Trail items to form complete fitness trails suitable for children of all ages.

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