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Cantilever Swing


Age Range: 5 to Adult
Overall Area Required: 8m x 8m
Critical Fall Height: 1.4 m

Amount of Surfacing Required:
Loose fill: 19.2m3
Synthetic: 64m2

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Multi-user Heavy Duty Single Point Swivel Swing.

The Cantilever Swing with Tyre offers the chance for a small group of children to use the swing at the same time.

Encourages social and interactive play. While swinging, rocking, and risk taking, children can enjoy sensory stimulation and learn about weight and gravity.

Swings require a suitable safer surfacing other than grass.

Please note – we use Heartwood timber poles for these swings for additional strength. Heartwood Timber usually ‘air-cracks’ as it dries. This is natural and it does not detract from the strength of the product, it is purely cosmetic.


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