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Hally Gally Swing


Age Range: 7 to Adult
Item Size: 3.5m x 3.5m;
Overall Area Required: 10m x 10m
Critical Fall Height: 1.5 m

Amount of Surfacing Required:
Loose fill: 30m3
Synthetic: 100m2

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The Hally Gally Artist Combination swing is a swing with a difference. It combines 4 different types of swinging activities that give the user a different, unique ‘flying’ experience with each activity. This swing is one that will make your play area stand out from the rest.

The Hally Gally consists of a 200mm diameter steel mast for durability and strength, and 4 ‘bouncing beams’ to which the various activities are connected to. The rotary ‘bouncing’ mechanism also includes a maintenance-free friction bearing.

We recommend that safety barriers are installed with the Swings, to deter young children from running/walking into the path of the swings whilst they are in use.

All the Swings require a suitable safer surfacing other than grass.


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