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The Eco Trail


The Eco-Trail includes:

  • Mini Wobbly Balance Beam.
  • Parallel Rope & Chain Traverse.
  • Two Balance Beams.
  • Giant Swinging Log Traverse.
  • Burmese Bridge.
  • Inclined Log Twister.


Age Range: 3 to Adult
Item Size: 23 x 1m;
Overall Area Required: 25m x 3m
Critical Fall Height: 0.6 m

Amount of Surfacing Required:
Loose fill: 22.5m3
Synthetic: 75m2

The The Eco Trail is safe on grass.



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Introducing the Eco Trail – an exciting, enviro-friendly Fun Trail at an exceptionally low price.

Manufactured entirely using Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic instead of timber, This eco-friendly Eco-Trail is perfect for schools looking to boost their environmentally friendly image and promote sustainable products in their school or nursery.

We are one of the only playground companies in the UK to offer recycled plastic playgrounds, and we are the most experienced, having been using the materials since 2003.


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