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Playground Maintenance and Repairs

Post Installation & Annual Inspections

At PlayQuest we not only manufacture and supply playground equipment, we also offer playground maintenance and repairs nationwide. We know that after a while, with lots of use, they can wear down. Our highest priority is the safety of our customers and the quality we provide. Our maintenance packages offer an easy solution to keeping your equipment as good as new.

Once you’ve had your new playground equipment installed, we will send you our Aftercare Guide. This gives you tips on how to keep your play area in the best possible condition. After that, it’s time to think about keeping your play equipment in a safe and usable condition. Annual inspections are required by a certified inspector to give you peace of mind that your equipment is safe.

We proudly offer a fully comprehensive annual play area inspection and maintenance package. This is available for both new and older, existing playgrounds. This particular package includes an allowance for parts (up to £50+Vat) to be changed onsite. This includes items such as handles, shackles, bolts and fixings.  Any other items outside of this value that require replacing would need to be quoted for.

The benefits to having PlayQuest inspect your play area are as follows:

  • Having a qualified, highly experienced inspector check through all of the equipment – from the structural integrity of the main items, through to all of the fixings on the items.
  • The inspector will check all items for signs of rot/corrosion where applicable – especially at ground level.
  • Our inspector will also use a ladder to check items such as top-bars on swings, climbing frames, etc over 2m in height – not all inspection companies offer/include this in their inspections.
  • The inspector will check surfacing for any damage and make the required recommendations regarding any damage discovered.
  • You will receive a safety certificate for your play equipment – providing that your play area achieves a ‘low’ risk status.
  • You will receive a fully detailed report – along with individual photographs of each item – which will show whether the item meets/fails current safety standards – along with specific comments/recommendations for each item (if applicable).
  • The report will also highlight general comments regarding the play area as a whole, and offer suggestions for improvement/upgrades (if applicable).
  • You will also receive a quotation for any remedial works – that are not included within the allowed monetary value of the Maintenance & Inspection package – that need to be carried out on the play equipment.

At PlayQuest we carry out all works ourselves (not sub-contracting to other companies). So you can rest assured that the same company whom inspected the equipment will be the same one that comes to carry out any required remedial works. This means you deal with just one company who knows the process completely from start to finish.

As well as our Inspection & Maintenance Package, we also offer an ‘Inspection Only’ service. Whilst not including the parts allowance – this still guarantees you an inspection of the entire play area and equipment (inc safer surfacing), a detailed report of the inspection, a safety certificate if it passes the inspection, and a quotation for any remedial works required. We can offer discounts for both our ‘Inspection & Maintenance’ package and ‘Inspection Only’ service for multiple playgrounds, and for large orders.

We can offer our ‘Inspection & Maintenance’ package and ‘Inspection Only’ services to any play areas, irrespective of their original manufacturer. We keep a large selection of playground parts in stock at all times, so repairs to play equipment not originally manufactured by ourselves is easily undertaken by ourselves in most instances.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our Inspection packages in further detail.

Playground Refurbishment

Instead of removing your existing play equipment that seems to be at the end of its’ life, why not ask PlayQuest to come and refurbish it for you. In most cases this is a lot cheaper than replacing an entire play area. It also means that you can keep your play equipment safe and useable for a smaller cost than you might think.

At PlayQuest we can undertake the following refurbishment works:

  • Replacing old/rotten timbers with Recycled Plastic. This means we can offer you a 25-year guarantee on all new Recycled Plastic individual posts, handrails, top-bars.
  • Re-treating of any timbers that require this process. All timber play equipment should be re-treated every 24-36 months.
  • Refurbishing old safer surfacings where required. For example, re-surfacing old grass mats with our PlayBond recycled rubber shred, or re-skimming old wetpour surfaces with a layer of new Wetpour. All of which will bring these areas back to a safe, useable condition as well as looking better on the eye.
  • Replacing items such as slides; scramble nets; ladders, etc. We manufacture our own steel re-inforced nets/ropes so we can replace any of these types of products.

For further examples of previous refurbishment work – and to discuss your individual requirements – please feel free to contact us.

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