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Recycled Plastic Play Area Equipment

The UK's market leader

At PlayQuest, we recognise that the choices we make regarding the materials we use in our play equipment will have an impact in everyday life.

We were one of the first companies within the UK (since the early ‘noughties’) to start designing and manufacturing play equipment using environmentally-friendly Recycled Plastic, and we continue to be a market leader in providing play equipment manufactured from Recycled Plastic.

The Recycled Plastic material used does not rot or splinter, will last for decades and is virtually maintenance free.

Recycled Plastic products contribute to a better environment as they are made from recycled material and not chemically treated in any way, meaning that they are friendlier to the environment. Another benefit is that the sustainable plastic can be recycled again.

Recycled Plastic is produced from the waste plastic collected by domestic recycling schemes. By replacing timber products with Recycled Plastic equivalents, we are also helping to reduce our carbon-footprint.

Recycled Plastic products are anticipated to have a life-expectancy of at least 3 x the estimated lifespan of their timber equivalents. This is due to the fact that Recycled Plastic poles cannot rot once installed and only minimum maintenance is required.

What Range Of Play Equipment Can Be Made From Recycled Plastic?

  • Fun Trails – Most of our fun trail range of products is available in Recycled Plastic, including some Fitness trail items and complete Trim Trails.
  • Playhouses, Platforms and Activity Centres – Most of the items available in this range can be manufactured from Recycled Plastic.
  • Swings – We can currently manufacture 3 types of swings from Recycled Plastic – our Double Flat Seat Swings, Double Cradle Seat Swings, and Basket Seat Swing.
  • Garden Furniture – We offer a wide range of outdoor Furniture manufactured from Recycled Plastic – including Chairs, Benches and Tables.

Why Purchase Recycled Plastic Products?

Material Properties

  • Has an expected lifetime of 40 years or more.
  • Does not crack and is splinter free.
  • Rot proof and Algae proof – there are no need for preservatives or paint.
  • UV Resistant – very little colour loss or damage from sunlight.
  • Insect Resistant – no need for any insecticides.
  • Suitable for wet/damp conditions because it will not rot.
  • You can ‘Fit and Forget’.

Financial Benefits

  • Low Maintenance – this means very significant savings in replacement materials and labour costs, due to reduced maintenance requirements.

Vandal Resistant

  • More resistant to graffiti due to it’s surface texture.
  • More difficult to ignite than timber.
  • Very resistant to other types of vandalism.

Safety Benefits

  • Non-Slip – can be pre-molded to have non-slip surfaces.
  • Will not splinter or crack.
  • Can easily be steam cleaned if required.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces impact on the environment.
  • Socially responsible.
  • Ideal to show pupils how the various types of plastic packaging that they use everyday can be transformed into playground equipment.
  • Creates demand for recycled plastic.
  • Assists in reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.
  • The recycled plastic can be re-recycled at the end of its use as playground equipment, so it ‘Completes the Circle’.

Positive School Image

  • Use of recycled plastic promotes a positive school image.
  • Shows that the school is committed to their social responsibility.

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