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Playbond Safer Surfacing


The benefits of installing PlayBond are:

  • Can be installed straight onto grass – with only a membrane to install.
  • Can be shaped around existing equipment flawlessly.
  • Generally cheaper than Wetpour.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled shredded rubber.
  • No edging required!
  • Can be installed straight over an existing surface.
  • No need to install a sub base.
  • Pourus material so that water drains through – can be used year-round.
  • Variety of colours available.
  • Longer lasting than Loose-fills.
  • Natural looking finish.
  • Eco-friendly material.


Age Range: 3 to Adult
Critical Fall Height: 3.2 m

The Playbond Safer Surfacing is safe on grass.

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PlayBond is an environmentally friendly safer surfacing – as it is manufactured from recycled, shredded forklift tyres. The loose rubber is mixed with a binder onsite, and this is laid as a ‘solid’ yet bouncy surface.

PlayBond is also suitable for installation in landscaping areas – such as pathways, seating areas, etc.

PlayBond is suitable for installation in the school environment, as well as caravan parks, open play areas, etc.

Please note – the edges of a PlayBond safer surface can (in some instances) ‘shrink’ away from the perimeter of the surfacing area – this can happen when the resin dries and the rubber ‘tightens’ slightly. In most cases, this occurs naturally and is not a issue with the product/installation.

Please note – over time the colour coated rubber will expose the inner tyre rubber, due to wear from general use and UV degredation. If this is not re-coated as part of a maintenance program, then the Carbon Black within the original recycled tyre may leave black carbon marks on users. Dis-colouration and colour degredation of the rubber are NOT covered within the warranty given on PlayBond.


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