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Spinmee Inclusive Roundabout


Age Range: 3 to Adult
Item Size: 2m diameter;
Overall Area Required: 6m x 6m

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The Spinmee Inclusive Roundabout is accessible to those with mobility impairments as well as wheelchair users.

Its rotating base is flush with the surrounding safety surface allowing for easy transition between the surfaces. The design of the roundabout allows for both seated and standing users while also featuring 2 locations that can securely accommodate wheelchairs.

Developed with an optimised design to make the roundabout inclusive for users of different abilities including those with physical impairments as well as wheelchair users.

The Spinmee is suitable for use by an age range of 4+ and can have up to 4 users at a time.

Safer Surfacing Area Required: 6m x 6m.


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