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The Ultimate Strength Square


Features include:

  • Pole Climb
  • Chin-Up Bar (1.8-1.9m high)
  • Vertical Scramble Net (using steel reinforced ropes)
  • Russian Rings Traverse
  • Overhead Ladder Bar (monkey bar)
  • Parallel Rope & Chain Traverse
  • Split Traverse Wall
  • 2 x Inclined/Declined Balance Beams
  • Stepping Logs with Chain/Rope Grip
  • Chain & Pole Traverse
  • Tyre Traverse
  • Rotating Log Walk
  • Traverse Scramble Net (using steel reinforced ropes)
  • Tumble Bar (1.2m-1.3m high)
  • Drop Ropes Traverse


Age Range: 5 to Adult
Item Size: 8.5m x 4m;
Overall Area Required: 12.5m x 8m
Critical Fall Height: 2.2 m

Amount of Surfacing Required:
Loose fill: 18m3
Synthetic: 60m2




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Further to our very popular Strength Square, our NEW Ultimate Strength Square is an extra-large version of this, with many more features that focus on both upper body and overhead fitness/strength building, as well as other items that focus on core strength, and hand-eye co-ordination.

With an impressive 16 individual play/fitness features on this unit – the Ultimate Strength Square can be used as part of an overall fitness training regime, as well as encouraging social interaction among users of all ages.

The Ultimate Strength Square can be used by older children / teenages and adults alike – thus making it ideal for a school and open play areas through to caravan parks and public houses.

Please note that a safer surfacing other than grass will be required on one side of the item, due to the Critical Fall Height on this side – however the design of the item means that this has been kept to a minimum. The surfacing can be installed around the entire frame if required.

The Ultimate Strength Square can be manufactured from timber or recycled plastic (with some additional structural supports).

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